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Before completing this form, please review the Summary of Membership Policies on our web site. Copy and paste this address into your browser:

Please complete all fields. If you miss one, an attempt to submit the form will be denied. If you have nothing to add to a particular item, enter “None” or “N/A."
We do want to learn about your interests in boating and your reasons for wanting to be part of the PYC community. So please do use the “essay questions” to help us get to know you.

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A Boating member has full use of the Club, including the waterfront.
We do not offer any form of social membership.

An Intermediate member also has full use of the Club but is under age 30.
An Intermediate Member can only be an individual member.

To be eligible for joint membership in a long-term relationship, the two persons must meet at least two of the conditions listed below. Check all that apply. The Membership Committee reserves the right to ask for evidence of the selected conditions.

Joint mortgage or joint ownership of primary residence

Joint title to motor vehicle

Joint bank account

Joint credit account

Joint lease on primary residence

Designation of the partner as primary beneficiary of the other partner’s will, retirement contract or life insurance

Designation of partner in durable property or health care powers of attorney


Applicant 1

Enter “Retired” or “None” if appropriate
E.g., President, Owner, etc.

Applicant 2

Enter “Retired” or “None” if appropriate
E.g., President, Owner, etc.
Examples: (1) Mr. and Mrs. Jones; (2) Dick and Jane; (3) George


“In-Season” generally means your Maine address May through October.
“Off-Season” generally means November through April


Applicant 1

Applicant 2



How many sailboats and/or powerboats do you own? If you own one sail or powerboat, click 1. If you own two or more sail or power boats, click 2. If you don’t own any sailboat or powerboat, click 0. Then click any of the other types of vessel you own.

Note: PYC offers storage for dry-sailed watercraft, but space is limited.

What kind of boat are you looking to buy? How do you plan to use it – e.g., racing, cruising, day boating, etc.? Approximately when do you expect to make a purchase?

Boat 1

Will this boat be moored in the Falmouth anchorage for access from PYC? If you don't have a boat now but expect to buy, please answer as if you already have the boat.

This field is required

Boat 2

Will this boat be moored in the Falmouth anchorage for access from PYC? If you don't have a boat now but expect to buy, please answer as if you already have the boat.


There are many marinas in Greater Portland where you can keep a boat. Why do you want to join the Portland Yacht Club? What do you see as the benefits of membership?

As a member, what would your interests be? Check all that apply.

Have you applied for membership or been affiliated with PYC previously? Check at least one, and all that apply.

If one or more of the choices above apply to you, please give details in the space below:
• Enter name of parent, child, or sibling who is a current member.
• Enter years when a member
• Enter Years when a Junior Sailing participant
• List PYC jobs and years when employed.
• List year declined membership offer
• List year when application was denied and the reason

If none, enter “None"
If none, enter None
If none, enter None
If none, enter None


Volunteering is an important part of the PYC culture. Working with other volunteers is a good way to get to know other members.

We understand that you would want to know more about what is entailed before committing to a volunteer opportunity. Nevertheless, which of the areas below would likely be of interest?

Applicant 1: Areas of volunteer interest. Select all that apply.

Applicant 2: Areas of Volunteer Interest. Select all that apply.

Application for membership requires two sponsors who are current Club members; or one Club member and a Flag Officer from a yacht club to which you have belonged within the last two years. Each sponsor who is a Club member must complete a Sponsor Form. (A Flag Officer from another Club may choose to write a letter of recommendation, addressed to the Membership Officer, Portland Yacht Club, 40 Old Powerhouse Road, Falmouth ME 04105.) A link to the form is available on the “Join PYC -> Membership Application and Sponsor Forms” page of our web site.
If you are new to the area and need help finding sponsors, please contact our Club Manager at <manager@pycme.net> or (207) 781-9820 Ext. 10.

An application for membership requires an Application Fee of $100.00. Make your Check payable to Portland Yacht Club. Mail to: Portland Yacht Club, 40 Powerhouse Road, Falmouth, ME 04105, or drop it off during business hours.

Please note that you will be billed for annual dues and an initiation fee at the time of admission. These amounts change from time to time, so we suggest checking the Join PYC section of our web site from time to time. This will help avoid surprises when the admission offer letter arrives.


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